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rainbow palace

feat. hatsune miku

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Rainbow Palace

by Jonathan Parecki

Guess who’s back with a brand new VOCALOID album?! After 2 years since the release of MAGIC★NIGHT feat. Hatsune Miku, I’m super excited to be able to finally share 12 brand new original tracks with everyone. Enjoy!

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by Jonathan Parecki

Super excited to release my first original Vocaloid album! As someone who grew up spending hours listening to VOCALOID tracks myself, I’m ecstatic to finally be able to contribute to a field of music which I love! Cheers!

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News & Updates

AUGUST 31, 2018: New album Rainbow Palace officially released. PVs to follow.

Future work          TWITTER

Work on original music - both Vocaloid and songs featuring human singers - is well underway. Look forward to expansion into different genres and instrumentation, as well as more energetic and upbeat rock!


artist? animator?

If so, there's a pretty good chance I'd like to work with you on the creation of future PVs. Head over to the Contact/FAQ section on this website and send me some examples of your work through the contact form. Looking forward to creating amazing things with you in the future!

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jonathan parecki

is a composer and guitarist, best known for his covers of popular anime and video game music on YouTube, where since his 2011 debut he has garnered over 35,000 subscribers. He also works as an arranger for popular YouTuber musicians such as AmaLee (1 million subscribers) and ilonqueen (2 million subscribers). Jonathan has composed official video-game soundtracks, with works including the main theme of PixelFade Studio’s “Crystalline” and the soundtrack to Pistachi Studio’s “Ruler By Default”. In 2017, Jonathan toured across the USA as a guitarist for AmaLee, performing English renditions of anime songs at venues across the country.

The release of his debut album “MAGIC★NIGHT feat. Hatsune Miku” in Summer 2016 marked his venture into the world of VOCALOID, and since then he has released 2 albums employing Yamaha’s singing voice synthesizing software. His fascination with both VOCALOID and video game music is what inspired him to learn the Japanese language, and he now works as a translator at Japan Fes. in New York. He continually endeavors to bring people and cultures together through his love: music.